TEM 34 Tahtakale


TEM 34 Tahtakale

  • Total Construction Area: 75.909 m2
  • Commercial Unit: 197 Workplace

TEM 34 Tahtakale, a part of our "34 Projects" concept offers 197 independent sections starting from 107 m2 and manufacturing and storage areas of 75,909 m2 in total. With its 6.5 meters floor height, independent truck entrances to each floor, corridor width of 12 m2, column spaces between 8-9 meters, heavy load carrying capacity suitable for every sector, and high energy infrastructure, the project offers to meet all the needs of industrialists and companies in every sector.

  • Truck Entrance for Every Floor
  • 7 m Ceiling Height
  • High Carrying Capacity
  • High Electric Capacity
  • Wide Column Spacing
  • Four Lane Wide Corridors
  • Private Parking Lot Terrace
  • Easy Communal Access
  • Privately Allocated Technical Spaces
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